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Major Responsibilities & Duties performed:

  1. Supervise overall stores activity for spares & consumables. Maintain the stock in an optimum level and avoid stock outs over stacking and under stacking.
  2. Release of all “ST” code Purchase Requisitions (Stock or Non-Stock items, coded or non-coded) after proper checking and coordinating with planning department for any queries / clarifications.
  3. The auto generated PRs for VB items shall be verified and released on daily or weekly basis (as per the MRP schedule) after checking the actual stock status of each items.
  4. Review and revise the inventory (MRP) levels of VB-Stock items (minimum, Maximum, ROP & ROQ) periodically to suit the stock requirements to the plant.
  5. Supervise the activities of material incoming and outgoing of stores and the entire transactions related to this.
  6. To ensure timely Preparation of Receipt documents (GRN) and it’s tracking records both manual and computer and follow up with QC & respective end users for inspection clearance (through Receiving Section of Stores).
  7. Cross check the GRNs already posted on daily basis to ensure that the items posted by Receiving Section are proper and in line with the requirement of accounts department and release the GRNs.
  8. To ensure the materials are issued against the authorized Reservations issue slips/gate passes and maintain it’s records both manual and computer. Any budget issue pending Reservations, to follow up with respective end users and get the job done promptly.
  9. Cross check the issue vouchers already posted (reservations) on daily basis to ensure that the items posted by issue store keepers are proper and in line with the requirement of accounts department.
  10. Posting of GIVAR with MVT 202, 262 & 242 for Returned Material after physical checking and verification.
  11. Ensure proper accomplishment of all physical cycle count schedules as per given schedules, if required extend support with storekeepers / helpers wherever required and reconcile the ledger (physical vs system ledger) in coordination with the superiors as per the policy/procedure.


  1. Coordinate with Central Stores for arrangement of stock materials shifting from TCS to NASCO as per end user requirements and take necessary action in SAP.
  2. Deputizing other SI of MT & RF & Stores Manager whenever required during their absence / leaves / vacations.
  3. Coordinate with the supplier for timely arrangement critical consumables for eg. Diesel and gases (as applicable in the plant) to meet our requirement and ensure that the plant activity must not hamper at any point of time due to delay in transportation or supply of these material.
  4. Make physical check-ups in the warehouse to ensure the proper storage and preservation of materials is being done by Storage Operator and Sr. Store Keepers. Proper housekeeping of storage areas, materials, and bins are to be ensured with neat and tidiness in the overall area.
  5. To prepare & submit the periodical reports (Weekly, Monthly) according to the requirements stated in the schedule.
  6. All jobs to be carried out in accordance to the ISO requirement.
  7. To coordinate with material master team in relation with material codes creation, extension, description change etc.
  8. Assisting the internal and external audits for both ISO & financial audits.
  9. To understand and follow the organizational HS&E policies.
  10. To follow safety instructions related to their jobs.
  11. To report damaged PPE unsafe machines or equipment to concerned staff.
  12. To keep the provided PPEs in good, workable conditions.
  13. To avoid any horseplay and abuse of safety devices, equipment and welfare facilities.
  14. To report any accidents, near misses or hazardous conditions to concerned responsible.
  15. To attend safety training planned for them.
  16. Having a right to say “NO” to any unsafe work.



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