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Conducts tests to determine if work has been done in accordance with contract specifications and may include any of the following:

Performs electrical and mechanical tests.

Performs destructive and nondestructive tests on metals and other materials through magnaflux, dye penetrant, radiographic, tension and compression, paint thickness, and resistivity.

Performs surveillance of underground piping to ensure tightness, bedding, and grade.

Validates piping systems, including P&ID checks and hydraulic or other pressure tests.  

Inspects electrical installations to ensure proper grounding, circuit integrity, and adherence to statutory and customer regulations.  

Performs continuing inspection of painting and insulation to ensure thickness and coverage continuity.  

Provides general inspection on all construction labor and subcontracted tasks to ensure professional workmanship.  

Verifies equipment alignment and balancing operations. Participates in the development of quality control reports and procedures.

Participates in the development of job safety practices and in the preparation of safety reports.

May administer welder qualification tests.

Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.


What Required Skills You’ll Bring:

Minimum 4 years of demonstrable experience of supervision of civil construction projects of which not less than 2-3 years shall be in works related to similar surface & ground water networks projects.

Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Civil Engineering (or equivalent) from a recognized institute to the approval of the Engineer. 

Experience should also include construction involving deep excavations, structural and water retaining concrete, temporary works, dewatering, utilities diversion/ interface, sewerage, potable water, irrigation, etc.  

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