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Position Title: Engineer

Broad Band: M09: Professional

Talent Pipeline Layer: Managing Self Technical/Professional


Technology application within an engineering discipline, and/or a supporting role within area of expertise/or portfolio of projects. (Operating level: Execution)





1. Bachelors of Engineering (Specific discipline) + 2 years as Trainee Engineer
2. Masters of Engineering (Specific discipline) + min 6 months as Trainee Engineer



1. 4 years relevant experience (subject to qualification)



1. Analysis and modelling of engineering components, systems, processes
2. System/Process optimisation
3. Risk Management/Analysis
4. Conceptualising engineering components, systems
5. Able to independently manage own work planning and delivery according to targets; proven application
6. Technical interpretation and application of industry knowledge and expertise
7. Effective verball and written communication skills
8. Sound analytical and problem solving skills
9. Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking
10. Competent in managing projects
11. Ability to cope with pressures and setbacks
12. Ability to follow instructions and procedures
13. Good persuading and influencing skills
14. Ability to think and interact globally
15. Ability to adapt and respond to change
16 . Beginner, presentation and negotiation skills




Focus Area

Get results through individual contribution, effort and self management


Operational / Functional

1. Consistently delivers on all service level agreements
2. Quality results through cost effective service and on time support
3. Cost awareness and control
4. technical expertise and advice
5. technical/operating systems and models
6. HSE targets

7. Participate in solving problems within a team context involving multiple stakeholders
8. Identify stakeholder needs to set specific technical requirements (with guidance)
9. Independent idea generation within team context (operational impact)
10. Analyse work processes and implement actions to improve own technical performance
11. Conform to quality standards, specifications and technical requirements
12. Demonstrae understanding of own function’s quality standards
13. Contribute to decisions and/or carry out tasks which optimise total cost of ownership
14. Balance cost, schedule, quality as per risk level (with guidance)
15. Providing



1. Understand, support and live the Ma’aden vision, values and goals
2. Takes accountability for personal improvement, personal development, skills development and effectiveness
3. Supports and articulate personal goals that are aligned to the business direction, that lead to personal development and effectiveness; Continuously strives to improve personal mastery, professional growth and business skills (ensuring technical/professional development in specialist area)
4. Establish professional standards for work, project plans and organization to ensure service provision and effective individual contribution
5. Share expertise freely and often during the application/review of policies, practices, standards, procedures and methods
6. Conduct analysis to formulate recommendations and design solutions and implement them effectively, problem solving and decisions quality – Analysed, formulated recommendations, designed solutions and implemented them effectively
7. Progress monitoring, reporting and corrective action.
8. Statutory compliance and professional practices.

9. Act as coach and mentor within team
10. Ensuring continous personal and professionsl growth and development
11. Facilitating transformation and change in respect to procedures
12. Facilitating continous improvement
13. Continously communicate technical and professional concepts and developments to customers



1. Build constructive working relationships with manager, peers, clients and other service providers (all stakeholders) to ensure effective stakeholder relationships
2. Supports peers/team members to achieve team objectives through knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration with colleagues and other teams
3. Maintain Manager and peer relationships marked by professional communication, behaviour and actions that results in high levels of credibility, trust and respect throughout the business unit or function
4. Consistently meet customer and business requirements through technical/professional communication
5. Puts forward new ideas, thinking and approaches adopted and supported by the business

6. Build credibility and constructive working relationship with multi-disciplinary project teams
7. Create and maintained well developed internal network




1. Sufficient working knowledge of relevant technical procedures, specifications and legal frameworks
2. Proficient knowledge of applicable engineering technologies
3. Aware of application of appropriate technologies
4. Proficient technical analysis and problem solving
5. Proficient capability implementing technical solutions
6. General knowledge of system/process optimisation
7. General working knowledge of engineering design
8. General know-how to develop innovative technical solutions
9. Sufficient understanding of business processes and value chain in order to defend own value addition
10. Ability to challenge cost and schedule in resepect to required quality standards
11. Sound kknowledge of company standards, procedures and methods



• Developing self
• Embrace digitalisation within the function
• Networking and collaboration

1. Ability to transfer knowledge within own team



• Safety advocate – anywhere and everywhere
• Advanced awareness and understanding of HSE rules and procedures
• Concern for own wellbeing and that of others
• Ability to pro-actively identifying safety hazards and act accordingly

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