The Traffic Management Specialist arranges the shipment of Pre-positioned War Reserve Material (WRM) cargo to various worldwide destinations via air, land and sea. The Incumbent must comply with all applicable International and Federal Transportation Laws, Regulations, Tariffs and Department of Defense (DOD) guidance. Must be able to gain access to Logistics Tool Suite (LTS), Global Freight Management (GFM), Cargo Movement Operating System (CMOS), Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES), Integrated Computerized Deployment system (ICODES), Integrated Booking System (IBS), Joint Container Management system (JCM), Wood Packaging Material (WPM) Management Toolset, Global Asset Reporting Tool (GART) and web-based tracking systems such as Integrated Data Environment/Global Transportation Network Convergence (IGC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID-ITV) Tracking Portal, Global Decision Support Systems (GDSS-2) and Single Mobility System (SMS) to ensure In-transit Visibility (ITV) within the Defense Transportation System (DTS). Ensures all shipments comply with the International Trade and Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Amentum ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). Must be able to complete AMMO-43, Intermodal Dry Cargo Container/CSC Reinspection, AMMO-62, Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials Distance Learning Courses and WPM certification/recertification web-based training. Ensures compliance with Performance Work Statement (PWS) and Amentum ISO 9001 Quality Mangement System (QMS).


Principal Accountabilities

  • Inspects, accepts documentation (DD Form 1149/1348-1), prepares and processes all outbound/inbound cargo offered for transportation in the Defense Transportation System (DTS).
  • Checks for completeness and accuracy. Verifies the Nomenclatures, Quantity, Transportation Control Numbers (TCN), Transportation Account Code (TAC), Consignor and Consignee Codes, Hazardous/Classified materials, ITARS certifications and other essential transportation data.
  • Properly classifies freight, selects commodity codes, selects the most efficient mode of shipment, and controls obligations for government transportation funds.
  • Prepares all required shipping documents for data input to CMOS/GATES, assigns Transportation Control Numbers, produces labels, issues truck manifest for general/hazardous cargo and Maintains Manifest logs.
  • Uses automated computer systems to process and document to accurately input the Transportation Control Numbers, Transportation Accounting Codes, consignor and consignee codes and other essential transportation data into CMOS, GATES or IBS.
  • Inspects Hazardous Materials to ensure proper packaging, marking labeling, documentation and certification in accordance with applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations (AFMAN 24-604, 49 Code of Federal Regulation, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG).
  • Inspects, accepts and inventories all incoming freight and containers for overages, shortages and damage before acceptance. When required, initiate and complete DD Form 361, Transportation Discrepancy Report (TDR).
  • Provides asset visibility and real-time view to track customer queries using IGV, RFID-ITV, GDSS-2 or SMS.
  • Prepares shipping documents and Movement Requests for international and domestic shipments between sites and container movements from the Sea Port of Embarkation (POE) to the Sea Port of Debarkation (POD) shipped by surface or sealift.
  • Performs Port Handling and Inland Transportation (PHIT) and ensures the subcontractor performs all duties and responsibilities according to the Statement of Work (SOW). Inspects and documents each shipment for contract compliance on a Customer Service Survey form.
  • Processes Export Traffic Release Requests (ETRR) for sealift shipments using Surface Deployment Distribution.
  • Command (SDDS) - Integrated Booking System (IBS).
  • Performs Host Country customs clearances and liaises with Military and Host country Ministries on Import and Export for Border Customs Clearances, Airport Customs Clearances and Seaport Clearances.
  • Selects and initiates contact with local carriers to arrange appropriate transport equipment for containers, classified, sensitive, hazardous or outsized shipments based on the size, weight, commodity description, freight classification, required delivery date, priority or other special requirements.
  • Loads/unloads 463L pallets, equipment, vehicles and ISO containers from flat-bed/low-bed trucks. May assist in loading/unloading military vessels at the seaport.
  • Assists the Pallet and Net Managers with inspections, issuing, accounting, controlling, reporting and maintaining operation stock levels of 463L pallets, nets and other tie-down equipment located on-site.
  • Assists the WRM Custodian with inspecting and certification, record keeping and reporting the receipt and usage requirements.
  • Assists the CCO with completing the monthly container inventory, ensuring all containers located on-site are inventoried between the 1st and 30th day of each month.
  • Reports all lost, damaged, destroyed and modified containers to the CCO within 12 hours of discovery.
  • Performs container inspections and reports findings on the DA 2404 equipment inspection and maintenance worksheet.
  • Receives/Ships all containers in JCM within 12 hours of receipt or departure.
  • Operates GATES and ICODES to process and manifest cargo and to develop load plans for military and commercial aircraft.
  • Prepares, inspects, reviews and submits Preload Plans, Hazardous Materials Diplomatic Clearances (HAZDIP) and other documents to facilitate air movement.
  • Inspects cargo documentation, conducts Joint Inspections, and certifies that cargo is built correctly and airworthy.
  • Computes weight and balance and certifies weight distribution of the aircraft with passengers, cargo and baggage.
  • Determines cargo configuration and aircraft loading requirements in accordance with Air Transportability Test Loading Activity Certifications (ATTLA).
  • Loads, unloads and services aircraft. Ensure cargo loads are secure and tied down. Assists load team chief with selecting, assembling, palletizing and transporting cargo loads to and from aircraft and storage areas.
  • Safely transports and handles explosives.
  • Performs passenger service procedures, check-in, manifest passengers and baggage and perform security checks. Loads/unloads passengers and baggage from aircraft.
  • Performs weighing of cargo, vehicles and outsized cargo to determine the center of balance for rolling stock and ensures cargo dimensions are within pallet and aircraft limitations.
  • Implements, documents and controls quality, training, environment and safety programs.
  • Prepares and handles cargo in accordance with all prescribed regulations, instructions, technical orders and procedures.
  • Maintains Technical Orders, publications, forms and files required for Traffic Management operations.
  • Compiles data and submits reports and other correspondence as required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Works in normal office and maintenance shop or warehouse environment and may be required to work outdoors for extended periods.


Minimum Requirements

  • Must be proficient in the use of personal computers and Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office to include as a minimum PowerPoint, Excel and Word programs.
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to effectively work under pressure and strict timelines required.
  • Ability to maintain an effective working relationship with coworkers, including multi-national staff, and external and internal customers is required.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing to coworkers and customers while maintaining Communication Security (COMSEC), Operational Security (OPSEC) and Computer Security (COMPUSEC).
  • Will be required to operate material handling equipment.
  • Knowledge and understanding of MHE equipment operations and associated hazards required.
  • Must possess a valid home country driver's license and ability to obtain host nation driver's license.
  • High School diploma or equivalent required.
  • Minimum of three years of experience in Traffic Management (TMO)/Air Freight operations or Associate Degree in a related field of study required.
  • Experience may include but is not limited to import/export, freight acceptance, preparation, handling, cargo shipping/receiving by surface, sea and air, data records, container management, customer service, cargo operating computer systems, or other related experience.
  • Experienced in aircraft cargo loading/unloading and cargo tie-down restraint procedures, palletizing cargo on single or multiple 463L pallets using side and top nets, straps, chains and devices for restraint.
  • Possess a current HAZMAT Certification in accordance with AFMAN 24-604 or ability to obtain it upon acceptance of the position.
  • Must be eligible to obtain and maintain a US Secret Security Clearance.
  • Will be required to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to prescribed procedures and as required for task being performed.
  • Physically capable of performing all required duties; capable of lifting/pushing/pulling minimum of 50 lbs.
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of related shipping/receiving procedures and the ability to detect/report problems to appropriate personnel preferred.
  • Familiarization and certification in AMC Airlift Load Planning, or equivalent, and Joint Inspection process is preferred.



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Riyadh , Saudi Arabia