Job Description – Specialist Technical Quality Assurance (2400004T)



Specialist Technical Quality Assurance – (2400004T)



Job Purpose:

 Review all operational functions of quality assurance/ quality control and ensure their progress according to the industry best practices and Saudia airline standards in order to achieve quality targets



General Accountabilities:

·    Ensure RAE&M departments comply with manufacturers’ and regulatory authorities’ standards for aircraft safe operations.

·    Monitor RAE&M departments for quality and regulatory compliance.

·    Propose audit numbers, times and depth to RAE&M departments to ensure aircraft operates safely and comply with manufacturers’ and regulatory authorities’ standards.

·    Assist all GACA inspectors to perform their surveillance inspection and report on corrective actions taken on any discrepancies raised during their inspection.

·    Monitor performance of subordinates, providing them with regular constructive feedback, determine their training requirements and nominate candidates for such training.

·    Participate, assist and support as necessary in the investigation of aircraft incidents and accidents as directed by the higher management.

·    Ensure that RAE&M personnel/vendors are performing their functions in accordance with the current GACA/FAA/JAA/NAA regulations.

·    Review and accept revisions of RTP&P / DPM’S and/or standalone manuals.

·    Audit RAE&M departments/vendors to ensure their compliance with the requirements of RTP&P/ GACA/ FAA regulations and general safety precautions.

·    Conduct internal audits and surveillances to all RAE&M departments to ensure that RTP&P and GACA/ FAA regulations followed and implemented.

·    Conduct external audits to repair stations, overhaul agencies, modify centres and vendors to ensure that RTP&P and GACA/ FAA regulations followed and implemented.

·    Monitor audit schedule and maintain record of accomplishment.

·    Participate during audits concerning fuel companies and anti-icing agents at outside stations.

·    Participates in vendors’ evaluation, recommendation, selection and approval.

·    Coordinate, review and comment on, introduction/revision to royal technical policies & processes (RTP&P), departmental process manual (DPM), standalone manuals and/or any equivalent.

·    Perform any other tasks assigned to him by his direct supervisor




Required qualifications:
Diploma and preferred who has  Bachelor / Master degree’s in (Aerospace/Aviation) Engineering, (Aerospace/Aviation) Management, Safety and Quality Management or any other related field


Required English Test:

·    Standardized Test for English Proficiency (STEP) by QIYAS.

·    The issuance date of the test MUST not exceed three years from the application date.

·    Other English Tests will not be accepted.

·    The test is MANDATORY for all candidates including Out of the kingdom graduate.

·    If the applicant did not take the STEP test yet, the applicant may complete his application and then update the STEP score in the job application once he has taken the test. (If the requisition is still posted on the website).

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