Position Title: Specialist: Contract Management

Broad Band: E1: M5: Professional

Reports to Manager: Contract Management

Department & Function: Ma’aden Shared Services – ICT

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Date Prepared/Revised: 04/01/2019 00:00:00

Talent Pipeline Layer: Manage Self: Technical/Professional





The role holder is responsible for defining the service level agreements for the services provided by the outsourcing party, validating the outsourcing performance management reports, processing penalties and incentives, incorporating adjustments to the SLAs, and processing contract change, contract renewal and termination requests in line with established policies and standard operating procedures. The responsibility includes supporting the Manager: Contract Management to help ensure that the contracts deliver to the defined KPIs and continually improve contract performance




1. Bachelor level degree in ICT or Business Management from an internationally recognized institution
2. ITIL certification or similar




1. 2 - 4 years of experience in Contract Management or other relevant ICT functional areas
2. Awareness of large ERP systems such as Oracle




1. Strong personal computer and business solutions software skills (e.g. MS Office, MS Excel, MS Word)
2. Strong interpersonal and communication skills for interacting with other Specialists, SVE partners, system integrators, Ma’aden employees and upper management
3. Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work
4. Good writing skills when dealing with colleagues within the ICT function, Ma’aden Employees, SVE partners and system integrators





Focus Area



Operational / Functional


1. Identify client expectations on the service levels for each service option included in the Service Catalogue, define KPIs and the associated KPI targets and share with Manager: Contract Management for review
2. Update the service level requirements based on the review and feedback from the Manager: Contract Management and design penalties and incentives to prepare the SLA document and get it reviewed and approved by the Manager: Contract Management
3. Support the Manager: Contract Management in validating the outsourcing performance management report against the defined SLA to identify variance and communicate those results to the ICT Senior Management, prior to the Service Review Meetings
4. Receive and review the request for contract change and assess, in consultation with the Manager: Contract Management, if the proposed contract changes require changes to the service portfolio
5. Coordinate with the Procurement team to develop contract amendments in consultation with the Manager: Contract Management and support the Manager: Contract Management in renegotiating the contract with the Outsourcing Party
6. Identify the contracts reaching expiry and coordinate with the Manager: Contract Management to support the ICT Senior Management in determining if ICT is planning to continue working with the existing outsourcing party
7. Prepare the document for notice of termination and share with the Manager: Contract Management to help terminate the contract
8. Support the Manager: Contract Management to help renew the contract
9. Contribute to the preparation of Contract Management related reports for the management, auditors, etc. as per the directions of the Director: Service Management or Manager: Contract Management
10. Perform any additional responsibilities passed on by the Director: Service Management or Manager: Contract Management as required



1. Contribute to a working environment and culture which engages all Contract Management staff
2. Report to the Manager: Contract Management on a periodic basis key operational KPIs
3. Submit to the Manager: Contract Management and above on an occasional basis, inputs for business planning and operational improvements
4. Research world class trends and best practices in Contract Management with the goal of ultimately driving cost reduction and quality enhancement
5. Investigate innovation opportunities within the Contract Management function, thereby continually enhancing quality and reducing cost by streamlining processes, procedures and automation





1. Report to the Manager: Contract Management
2. Maintain healthy working environment within the team of Specialists
3. Coordinate / collaborate with the other Specialists to resolve operational issues and deliver efficient services
4. Manage internal relationships regarding operational issues







1. Diagnostics and Problem Solving
2. Emerging IT Technology
3. Contract / Vendor Management



1. Leadership
2. Teamwork
3. Integrity
4. Care
5. Ownership
6. Accountability
7. Communication
8. Time Management, Planning and Organization


0 - 0 AED

Monthly based


Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh , Saudi Arabia