Material Issue:


  1. Issue the material from main store by obtaining authorized reservation and update the same in online SAP system.
  2. Update Bin Card at the time of issue of material.
  3. Obtain the acknowledgement against issued materials posted documents thru MB90 document (e-sign on tab).
  4. Verify the material at the time of GRN receipts to main store in coordination with receiving storekeeper and tally the stock. Obtain the reservation from the receiving storekeeper for the material which was issued during the storage at receiving area and post them immediately.
  5. Cross check bin cards with system ledger for moving items on daily basis and notify the supervisor in case of abnormalities.


Material Receipt:

  1. Receiving the material from the Suppliers against PR/PO, arranging for it’s unloading in proper locations and maintaining complete records of GRN creation in the system.
  2. Arranging the inspection of inward material through QC Inspector in time and stack the inspected material into their concerned locations and update them in the system.
  3. Issue the material as per the requirement of user departments against the authorized issue slips and post the Bin Card while issuing from the location.
  4. Update the system with the issue slips from time to time and cross check the bin card and system ledger to tally on a daily basis for the moving items.




  1. Arrange proper identification tags on the material and Storage bins and update in the system.
  2. Maintain effective housekeeping and safety methods while handling the material.
  3. All jobs to be carried out in accordance to the ISO requirement.
  4. Any other assignments given by the Stores Officer / Manager from time to time.
  5. To understand and follow the organizational HS&E policies.
  6. To follow safety instructions related to their jobs.
  7. To report damaged PPE unsafe machines or equipment to concerned staff.
  8. To keep the provided PPEs in good, workable conditions.
  9. To avoid any horseplay and abuse of safety devices, equipment and welfare facilities.
  10. To report any accidents, near misses or hazardous conditions to concerned responsible.
  11. To attend safety training planned for them.
  12. Having a right to say “NO” to any unsafe work.


Relative Expected Output:

  • Timely issuing of materials to the end users/plant operations, avoids any hamper of work
  • Proper preservation of materials in their respective locations and record it
  • Maintenance of all concerned records of Stock/movement for prompt action in time.


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Monthly based


Saudi Arabia

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