• Responsible for preparing, coordinating, and developing master plans for contingency/enduring bases in the operation area, seeking efficiencies in utilities, transportation, communications, and environmental areas, and real property accountability.
  • Supervise multi-discipline Brance and manage large multi-discipline technical teams through iterative development of master plans.
  • Responsible for Real Estate actions in country in collaboration with Reach Back support at Transatlantic Division.
  • Develops and implements mechanisms to oversee execution of those programs and keeps supervisors apprised of the status of all significant actions.
  • Coordinate the master planning and mobilization planning programs for the Supported Command.
  • Responsible for the coordination of internal and external work efforts to include engineering, planning, architectural, cost estimation and public outreach.
  • Determines policy for development of comprehensive plans for future development and proposed construction within the operational area. Responsible for overseeing development and coordination of the Master Plan.



Conditions of Employment

  • Appointment may be subject to a suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a completed background investigation.
  • MEDICAL EXAMINATION - This position requires you to satisfactorily complete a medical examination for deployment.
  • PASSPORT AND VISA - This position requires the incumbent to possess or obtain and maintain an official US passport and VISA as applicable based on duty location.
  • WORK SCHEDULE - This position may entail extended work shifts that last 12-16 hours a day. Lack of sleep may occur due to long working hours.
  • LIVING CONDITIONS - The incumbent’s living conditions range from having all basic amenities such as including utilities like: light, power, water, and refrigeration; to having none of these amenities.
  • SECURITY CLEARANCE - This position has been designated as non-critical sensitive as defined in DOD 5200.2-R. The incumbent is required to possess or obtain and maintain, for the duration of employment, a Secret security clearance.
  • EMERGENCY ESSENTIAL - The incumbent is required to perform the duties and requirements of the position in the event of a crisis until relieved by proper authority. Essential Position Agreement, DD Form 2365, must be completed prior to deployment.
  • IMMUNIZATION SCREENING - This position requires immunization with the complete Anthrax vaccination series and subsequent annual boosters.


NOTE: All deployment tours are limited to a maximum length of 2 years total unless Mission changes require an extension; approval is required.

*If you are current Army employee, this will be temporary reassignment, promotion or change to lower grade.
*If you are an Army employee who does NOT have current competitive status, return placement to your permanent position cannot be guaranteed upon the end of your deployment tour. USACE will not be responsible for placement once your deployment tour ends.
*Position may be filled as a time-limited promotion, reassignment or change to lower grade not to exceed (NTE) 2 years by a current permanent Army employee. Time-limited promotions may be extended up to a maximum of 2 years. Time-limited reassignments and changes to lower grade may exceed 2 years with command approval, however return rights may be impacted.


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