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• Collect and clean data from various sources

• Analyze data using statistical methods and data visualization tools

• Interpret results and provide actionable insights to stakeholders

• Data analysis reports and dashboards• Insights that drive strategic decision-making

• Enhanced data-driven decision-making across the organization

• Design and create custom reports and dashboards

• Automate report generation processes using business intelligence tools

• Ensure accuracy and consistency of reporting data

• Customized reports and dashboards for different stakeholders

• Timely and accurate reporting of key metrics

• Improved accessibility to data for decision-makers

• Define relevant KPIs based on organizational goals

• Monitor and track KPIs to assess performance

• Analyze trends and variances in KPIs to drive improvements

• Clear definition of KPIs aligned with organizational objectives

• Regular monitoring and tracking of KPI performance

• Actionable insights from KPI analysis to drive performance improvement

• Communicate with stakeholders to understand data requirements

• Work with IT teams to ensure data accuracy and integrity

• Collaborate with business units to support data-driven initiatives

• Alignment of data analysis with organizational goals

• Efficient collaboration to meet data requirements

• Successful implementation of data-driven projects

• Develop and implement KIZEN projects to enhance the quality of the provided services.

• Monitor the quality management system and ensure its stability and work with IT to sort out any technical challenges.




• Excellent verbal and written communication skills to explain complex concepts clearly.

• Negotiation skills 

• Advance Analysis skills 

• Presentation skills

• Medium Knowledge in using system and analysis tools. 

• Attention to details.



industrial engineering/ supply chain management/ quality management/ business administration.


0 - 0 AED

Monthly based


Makkah , Saudi Arabia

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Makkah , Saudi Arabia