Individuals who can derive essential insights from their investment scope to enlighten and mold the overall team's outlook, utilizing this shared knowledge to generate alpha within their mandate, will discover that this platform is an ideal showcase for their skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Formulate portfolios designed to capitalize on global macroeconomic themes and trends, generating asymmetric returns with minimal correlation to conventional capital markets. This involves identifying and exploiting variant perspectives on the evolution of macro economies, fiscal and monetary policy, diverging from market-priced expectations.
  • Independently oversee a substantial capital allocation through the development, execution, and monitoring of an Emerging Markets Macro strategy.
  • Conduct comprehensive geopolitical and fundamental economic analyses of emerging economies, with a focus on identifying unique opportunity sets in developing regions.
  • Enforce risk management practices, actively evaluating the merits of all positions and investment theses.
  • Collaborate seamlessly within a global team setting, contributing and gaining insights and expertise from the collective knowledge of the team.


  • A minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience in portfolio management, preferably within the context of a hedge fund.
  • Proficiency in conducting fundamental geopolitical and economic analyses, with the capability to delve deeply into country-level details, producing independent research that pinpoints unique opportunities within the region.
  • Proven Track Record in Emerging Markets Macro, showcased through robust investment insight and a Sharpe Ratio exceeding 1.5.
  • Demonstrated expertise in the economies within the specified region of focus, along with a comprehensive understanding of the available liquid assets necessary for structuring and implementing investment perspectives.
  • Exceptional decision-making prowess, adept at performing effectively under pressure.
  • Possession of humility and adaptability, thriving in a highly collaborative global team environment.


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Abu Dhabi Emirate , United Arab Emirates

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Abu Dhabi Emirate , United Arab Emirates