Key Responsibilities:


Develop and manage end-to-end transport solutions to support the supply chain goals and objectives within the country.

Ensure timely pre-alerts for shipments into Saudi Arabia while obtaining the necessary approvals (DOC , GHAD, FAZZA, SFDA ect .. ) for on time clearance and delivery. Monitor any delays in deliveries from the originating sites and escalate as necessary.

Oversee all returns to the Distribution Center in conjunction with the returns process, ensuring proper handling and processing of cargo from dock.

Monitor all dock shipments for potential rejections or new scheduling needs, ensuring inventory on dock are consistently minimum.

Partner with operations teams and customer service to meet daily delivery expectations in accordance with priorities and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Ensure that the daily tracker and reports are updated in a timely manner.

Manage the ASN team and other related transport teams, monitor performance & ensure that approved delivery dates are in line with expected revenue recognition requirements.

Responsible for Reviewing and managing service agreements and KPIs with transport providers, freight forwarders, carriers, and customs brokers; including holding them accountable for their performance and KPI’s .

Ensure all relevant delivery documents are available in the repository prior to the shipment delivery/departure date.

Guarantee timely collection of all PODs, their storage in the repository, and submission to finance for revenue recognition.

Hold vendors to Boston Scientific standards and quality policies when handling/delivering shipments; issue Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR) when deviation occurs.

Track all transport-related damages, register claims, and monitor their resolution. 

Oversee the transport budget within the country and adhere to the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) set; verify supplier invoices for services rendered.

Ensure that all business transactions and documentation are executed in compliance with all applicable customs and governmental regulations and procedures.




Requires Knowledge of Saudi regulations associated with medical device deliveries and Nupco deliveries .

Sets the best practices and functional/technical direction for the job function.

Has knowledge of the industry/ business environment/ sector in which BSC operates and applies that knowledge to create a competitive advantage and drive financial and operational performance for assigned area/sub-function

Applies business expertise to anticipate and react to function/sector/industry developments and identify opportunities for BSC growth and/or design programs to support that growth

Leads an area within a sub-function

Contributes to the establishment of global and BSC-wide standards, policies and practices

Directs the resolution of highly complex problems looking beyond existing methodologies to define and resolve complex problems

Facilitates and leads others in the development of new or innovative solutions for an area within a sub-function, or in some cases for a function

Evaluates key functional/technical challenges and recommends solutions to leaders

Impacts directly on achievement of operational, financial, and/or innovation objectives, performance and results for a significant part of a sub-function

Impacts and contributes to the development of sub-functional strategy (short term and long term) and exercises control over a sizeable portion of the sub-function’s resources

Guides by using sub-functional business plans, impacts the area results by supporting and funding of projects, products, services and / or technologies

Interacts, negotiates with and influences opinions of decision makers, internally across all levels and externally, concerning matters of significance to a sub-function

Interacts with key stakeholders on critical matters, changing the thinking of others on broad and complex issues

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