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The Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Compliance Advisor role is responsible for the execution of Weatherford’s global hazmat strategy, with the objective of preventing and mitigating risks to safety, health and the environment within their facility of responsibility. The Facility Hazmat Officer also supports, advises, and monitors the implementation and compliance to the global standards, Radiation, Explosive, and Primary Lithium Battery Protection Programs.

This role is responsible for reviewing local procedures and work instructions to ensure they promote practices that include the safe usage of radioactive material in accordance with the philosophy of keeping exposure of employees and members of the public as low as reasonably achievable. The Facility Hazmat Officer advises on security control measures applicable to aspects of the hazmat protection program (handling, storage and transportation). Acts as the facility custodian of regulatory required paperwork.


Duties & Responsibilities



  • Maintains safety and service quality as first priorities when working across all areas of the business
  • Where required in the case of non-conformance, exercises ‘Stop Work Authority’ to suspend operations involving radioactive materials, lithium batteries and explosives.
  • Supports the Legal, Facilities, Compliance and Assurance departments as required
  • Ensure compliance with any additional trade compliance laws for specific radioactive material or device that has dual use purposes (ex. Pulsed Neutron Generator).


  • Support the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to maintain, renew, and update all facility specific licences and permits pertaining to the use of any hazardous materials with full traceability.
  • Ensure the radioactive materials (RAM) source file is available for all RAM in the facility, as per standard requirement with full traceability from cradle to grave.
  • Maintain the record for all hazmat employee lists related to the facility of responsibility, ensuring full traceability and control of the hazmat keys, access cards and/or finger prints.
  • Ensure RAM shields or other hazmat transportation containers have the correct visible marking and labelling.
  • Ensure the facility has enough calibrated and functioning survey meters capable of detecting the type of radiation used or handled within the facility and any field operations.
  • Administer the radiation dosimeter program for the facility of responsibility, including setting the local procedure for handling female radiation workers, per the local regulations.
  • Conduct local hazmat audit in the facility covering all applicable hazardous materials.
  • Ensuring the completion of a Root Cause Analysis for all hazmat incidents in facility of responsibility.
  • Act as the facility contact for all international imports and exports for the facility of responsibility, developing facility specific hazmat shipping procedure. This includes handling the preparation of related shipping documentation and the packaging process in relation to the import and export of hazardous materials, as well as completing the dangerous goods transportation paperwork (Signature required to be IATA /IMDG certified).
  • Ensures the vendors for providing services and products for hazardous materials are vetted using Weatherford approved standards for approved supplier.
  • Ensure that the licensed hazardous material (radiation and explosives) in the company’s possession or used by the company is limited to those specified in the license.
  • Conduct regular field site visits to validate compliance to company operational excellence requirements, as well as required to inspect and confirm the suitability of explosives magazines, radiation bunkers, and lithium battery storage facilities as per local legislation and Weatherford standards.
  • Ensure proper security measures pertaining to hazmat have been implemented at the facilities within the country of operation.
  • Ensure the terms and conditions of the applicable hazmat licenses are met and the required reports/records, such as personnel authorization records, inventory, surveys and usage records, etc. are periodically reviewed for accuracy and compliance with regulations and license conditions.
  • Ensure proper storage of the hazmat waste and arrange for disposal as per country / district regulatory requirement, with the approved vendor as per company’s Supply Chain procedure.
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by direct Manager within the physical constraints of the job.
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by direct Manager within the physical constraints of the job.
  • Supports country hazmat manager in conducting legislative assessments to determine gaps between local legislation and Weatherford standards, which should be recorded in Management of Change (MOC).
  • Assist and lead the investigation of all the country hazmat related incidents, in conjunction with local authority and the appropriate personal from that business unit within Weatherford.
  • Audit and test facility hazmat emergency response plans and implement changes to improve the country overall emergency response management.
  • Ensuring that the hazardous materials requirements of the OEPS Standards are understood, implemented and sustained in Weatherford facility under their jurisdiction and any potential improvements or other required changes are communicated to the Global QHSE team.
  • Developing local HazMat procedures and/or management plans as necessary to fulfil regulatory or client requirements and ensuring they are aligned with OEPS standards.
  • Performing any further duties commensurate with the job scope as directed by the Global HazMat Manager.


  • Act as a liaison with district local regulatory bodies for all applicable Hazmat, this includes interfacing with government agencies, customers, vendors, trade compliance, logistics, other local country management and employees.
  • Facility contact for any State or Federal hazmat inspections.


  • Follow up with the business unit leaders with the identified BU specific hazmat training implementation for all identified hazmat employees



Experience & Education



  • Meet local regulatory training requirements.
  • Ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, in English.
  • 2 years’ work experience in an oil and gas industry.


  • University Degree
  • Lead Auditor qualified
  • 3+ years as Health and Safety Coordinator or Business Unit RSO, BSO, or ESO.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities



  • Able to communicate at senior manager level
  • Good computer skills
  • The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations


  • Proven ability to communicate with government authorities
  • Leadership skills and the ability to influence across country product lines.


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Kuwait City , Kuwait

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Kuwait City , Kuwait